courses – Navigating Conflict with Confidence and Skill

Conflict And You

Blog of Kirstin Heidler Conflict is an inevitable part of life and relationships. Learn about your strengths and growth edges in relation to conflict and difficult conversations. This course will run for 10 weeks. It is designed to accompany you in your personal learning journey. Read More ›

process · emotions – A process for accompanying yourself in a conflict situation

Mapping the Conflict Landscape

Blog of Kirstin Heidler This process guides you through the steps of unfolding the landscape of a conflict. Discover what is important to you and learn from your experience. Read More ›

human defenses – Recovering my vulnerability

Conquering Vulnerability with Grandiosity?

Blog of Kirstin Heidler When do self-confidence and self-esteem become unhealthy and and begin to go into grandiosity? Getting closer to one of the defenses to cover up and suppress feeling vulnerable. Read More ›