Services and Prices

Here is an overview of the costs and your gifting invitations.

Packages and Prices

One-to-one session60 minutes£60
Block of 55 x 60 minutes£275
Two-to-one session90 minutes. facilitated conversation for intimate, friendship, neighbor or family relationships£80
Block of 33 x 90£225
FacilitationI facilitate your meeting(s) with the content that you bring£40/hour meeting time

A Tailored Workshop

Do you have something specific in mind that you’d like to work on with a group of people?
And do you think my skillset with NVC, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Restorative Circles and Systems Building would be a good match to work on the topic(s)?
I am happy and able to accommodate you.
Guide price: £300-600 per workshop day of 7 hours.

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Restoring Connection Package

Get support with the tensions or conflicts within your group or business.
For £540 this package includes:

  • One-to-one or small sub-group consultations (30 minutes each) to work on gaining more understanding of the tension before coming together to process it
  • 2-3 Gatherings to process the tension(s) with the whole group (up to 3 hours per gathering)
  • Post-Gathering of 1 hour to check what has become of the relationships in the group after a while (e.g. 3 months)

Systems Building Package

Get support with designing and building systems that will hold your group or business in the difficult times ahead.
For £360 this package includes:

  • Consultation of 90 minutes with the whole group to get understanding of what will be needed and selection of 1-2 people to work with me in depth
  • In-depth coaching of 1-2 people for 5 sessions of up to 60 minutes to help them design and implement the needed structures/agreements for their group to function well
  • Learning content in PDF format to help with designing and implementing structures that serve the stated purpose
  • Recommended reading to further deepen understanding and for continued learning

Understanding the Problem Package

Something is not quite right and you are unsure of what exactly it is? Get me to observe as an impartial other to help you understand what the issues are and get recommendations for what to do about it.
For £300 this package includes:

  • Observation of up to 3 meetings of up to 2 hours each
  • Consultation with people in leadership/critical positions (30 minutes each)
  • Survey design and analysis, surveying all who are affected/are affecting the field
  • Written report of what is working well, what is not working well and suggestions for what could be done, also including survey results and interpretation
  • Consultation with people in leadership/who hired me about the report and discussion about possible next steps

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Financial Transparency and Gift Economy

I love what I do and I love helping people. At the same time I need to feed my family, pay our living expenses and the expenses for running my business. That is why I’m asking for money.

This section is meant to make transparent the money I need each month as well as how much I have received. When I receive more than I need to meet immediate needs, I can give more of my work for lower prices or free, to those who have little financial resources.

Whenever you give me money please consider these different amounts:

  • how much you want to give
  • how much you can give

Please be in touch with me to pay the lower of the two amounts.

Monthly costs

Costamount in £domain
Public liability insurance7.5business
NVC-UK membership12business
Web hosting and maintenance15business
Training and learning100business
Rent for desk80business

Earnings this month: 0