Nonviolent Communication for You

NVC has transformative potential. Would you allow me to guide and support you?

Nonviolent Communication has touched and transformed countless lives around the globe. It has also transformed mine.
When I began learning NVC I was barely able to express my emotions. I was good with thoughts, analysing and logic. In the first two years I was learning NVC, I would often run into these stuck, tight places, where my throat would tighten up, I would cry and I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t express my emotions, even though I wanted to. I discovered that the emotion I was feeling, that was making me frozen and unable to speak, was shame. Since then I have worked a lot on the different shame patterns I have discovered within myself. After 2 more years I noticed that I was able to cry in front of other people and express my emotions without being violently gripped by shame. Last year I even discovered that I can be vulnerable in a conversation with my “mother-in-law” now.
Changes don’t always happen quickly, and I might not know how, but they happen.

I had the good fortune of having others with me who were wiser and more experienced than me. I’m here to also accompany you in whatever way you need. It might be about your personal journey of growth, or about how to handle and communicate in a specific situation. It might be in your relationships our family or at the workplace.

Life is happening right now. Let’s enjoy the present moment by being curious about whatever shows up. As long as you are alive there is something to explore and be curious about.

Connect with your personal vision and purpose about what you are called to do in this one precious life you have. Discover your unique strengths and build on them. Learn to communicate what matters most to you in compelling ways that brings other on board.

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