Nonviolent Communication for Groups

How Nonviolent Communication can help groups to find more cohesion.

Nonviolent Communication has a lot to offer to groups, because it fosters communication from the heart. By learning to connect within and speak about needs instead of strategies, groups can be enabled to reconnect over issues and conflict. NVC offers the mindset and tools to put into practice the assumption everything that human beings do, is an attempt to meet needs. Communication is both about listening and speaking. Both are important. If we want to learn to communicate better, learning to listen differently is more fundamental and will make speaking from a different place easier too.

I am able to support you with existing conflicts, help you shape systems to hold you in the future, or work with you to increase harmony and build a shared vision. I also offer Nonviolent Communication workshops for you to learn the tools and practice so that you can grow with eachother.

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