Nonviolent Communication for Businesses
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Nonviolent Communication for Businesses

Find out what benefits NVC training will have for your organisation or business.

Running businesses and building successful organisations is challenging, because it involves people. Whenever people get together sooner or later they will encounter tension, differences of opinion and sometimes even conflict. Without these the organisation would not be able to learn and grow and adapt to the changing circumstances of the society and the market.
Blockages in relationships or unclear or missing agreements for feedback, decision making or distribution of resources can become blockages to success for the whole organisation.
I offer workshops and support for improving communication skills, improving leadership and emotional skills, sharpening your vision and purpose and building systems that serve your business.

  • Would you like to resolve tensions within a team?
  • Do you want to find out what is hindering the progress you have been longing to see with your project?
  • Would you like to create an environment in which your employees enjoy working?
  • Have you wondered why feedback within your organisation is not flowing the way you think would be good?
  • Would you like a professional facilitation for your meeting(s)?
  • Do you want to address tensions, but don’t know how?

I offer Nonviolent Communication Foundation Trainings, Feedback Trainings, and Dealing with Shame tainings.

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